grinchWe are going to be doing the Downriver Arts and Crafts Show at Wayne County Community College Downriver on the 6th of December.  This event is the Downriver Arts and Crafts Guild biggest scholarship fundraiser of the year.  At least 60 vendors and some exciting, moderately priced arts and crafts.   It’s December 6th from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.  Come see us. 

And…..for some further excitement….we will be at the WINTER WONDERLAND EXHIBIT AND BOUTIQUE for a month from Dec 4th, 2014 through Jan 9, 2015.  The Downriver Council for the Arts is located at 81 Chestnut street between Biddle and 1st  in Wyandotte, MI

Winter Wonderland Exhibit & BoutiqueAn annual winter themed art exhibit and holiday boutique at the Downriver Council for the Arts where indie artists, crafters and DIY’ers sell their handmade goods. FREE ADMISSION and open from 12/4/2014 – 1/9/2014 during DCA business hours and special events – Festive Fridays in December, art exhibit openings, special theater events…. lots of traffic at the DCA during this time.  The Grinch will be there along with lots of other cool stuff…..come see us. :)

Be True to Your School


In Michigan….this is one of the great rivalries.  And Frank and his bride are no exception.  These two are 3 inch pegs and with the bride’s hair they stand about 5 inches tall.  They can be made to order in any school of your choice….for example Army/Navy, Alabama/Auburn, Oregon/Oregon State, Michigan/Ohio State or maybe they went to the same schools and just want to show off their colors.  To order go to our Etsy shop.  As they are original hand painted art, there will be slight variations.  Please allow two weeks.the-great-divide


photo-(5)5Unfortunately we will be unable to participate in Northville’s Fall Fair.  some unforeseen circumstances have caused a change of plans. We do have some new art which we will be posting on Etsy and on Facebook within the next couple of days.  Here is a preview.dotd-selena


poe-detail poe2Edgar Allan Poe was an American author and poet best known for his stories of mystery and the macabre.  He was born in 1809 and orphaned at an early age.  In 1825, 26 year old Poe married his 13 year old cousin…..bizarre by today’s standards but not unusual for the time.  His poem “The Raven” was published in 1835 to instant success but more sadness came his way with the death of his wife to Tuberculosis just two years later.  Poe himself died at the age of 40 from unknown causes.  He was a master of the short story and his work is still celebrated today.  Here he is then…..Edgar.

Edgar’s body is part of a chair back.  His base is from an old screen and the table is an antique spool.  On the table there is a fancy little inkwell complete with a feather quill pen.  The paper contains a rough draft for his poem “The Bells”.