Lunker King donated to our Ray Of Hope Relay for Life Team

I came up with the idea for this gourd because of my wonderful brother-in-law Raymond who loves to fish and is currently battling cancer. I wanted to try to make a fisherman themed gourd to donate it to Our Ray of Life Team in hopes they could raffle it and make some money for the team. I started out by trying to find a wooden fishing boat and the ideas just came from there. I had help from the Great Connie and my husband. Connie painted his wonderful face and my husband suggested the case of Busch beer for the boat.
Connie did the fish and the case of Busch. His head is a faux pumpkin, his hair is made from fishing skirts his crown is plastic and fish hooks, he has a collar made from a faucet handle, his body is a piece of chair rail and he has a medal that says “Lifetime Member North American Fishing” which I bought at a flea market. His cape is made from cotton and trimmed with rubber lures. The boat also contains red & white plastic bobbers and there is a part of a lure that was used to give the allusion of a boat motor hanging on the back of the boat. I have to thank my husband for allowing me to scavenge around in his tackle box.
This was a lot of fun to make and we raised $75.00 for our Relay Team.

Blogging 101 or You can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Well…it’s official….I’m going to try this blogging thing.  What exactly is it….I’m not really sure>  Maybe if I start at the beginning and put one word after the other it won’t seem so daunting.

The Charmed Gourd is a labor of love of craft.  Every October, for the last 8 years,  I  get together with my nieces, sister and sister-in-law to work on a craft for Halloween.  About 3 years ago we happened upon decorating gourds using real and faux gourds….we liked them so much we decided we would try to sell them and here we are!  We started making what we called “natural” gourds which were faux gourds decorated with faux flowers, vines, leafs and real acorns, pods and seeds.  Connie, the resident artist decided to paint a gourd with “day of the dead” features and the rest evolved from there.  We took our gourd characters to local art fairs and festivals and got good positive feedback.  You can currently buy our art on ETSY, “thecharmedgourd“.  You can see some of the gourds we’ve sold on our Facebook page, “thecharmedgourd”.

We are currently working on some Christmas and Winter gourds and paper cone wreaths.

This summer I came across an old craft of making wreaths using paper cones made out of old music sheets.  I googled it and found out there were many different ways to make them so I started on a project to make a few for 4th of July using scrap book paper 12×12 sheets.  Well…that has lead to an addiction….My name is Judy and I’m addicted to making paper cone wreaths……below is a wreath I made this week, for Christmas.

Let me know if you have any questions.    Judy

Red Polka Dot Wreath