Get Ready for 2013

I’m getting ready to ring in the New Year with absolutely no resolutions.  Resolutions only set you up for failure and self doubt.  Every artist that I have ever known has that in spades already.  Every artist that I have ever known believes their art just is not good enough….could be better….needs work….isn’t as good as so and so’s art.  So no resolutions.   I am just going to draw when I need to…or want to…or have to.   I’ll work on gourds and take photographs and do all the things I love to do.  Hopefully, I will be inspired to create something beautiful or funny or tragic or beautifully hideous.  Hopefully, my art will be just a little bit better this year.  But I won’t be mad at myself if isn’t.  I won’t be mad at all.

I hope this year is less worrisome and that we can avoid the fiscal cliff, get people working again, stop all of the crazy violence, escape the zombie apocalypse, and a bunch of other equally important stuff.

Since we have a snow storm today….here are some happy flowers to cheer you!  We at the Charmed Gourd would like to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year!   Got a wish for the New Year?   You can post it here in our comments section!     Connie




Artful Christmas

A few years ago, I did a series of snowmen based on famous works of art.  Some of the artists that I tried to emulate are Vincent Van Gogh,  Edward Hopper, Norman Rockwell and Andrew Wyeth.  These are ATC sized little works of art which means they are just 3 and 1/2 inches by 2 and 1/2 inches.  Most of them were done with colored pencil or marker on various kinds of paper.  The first one is based on Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” with a little bit of artistic license.  The second one is from the Andrew Wyeth painting “Christina’s World”  and that one incorporates a LOT of artistic license. 

These are just fun and silly little imitations of tremendous works of art by amazing artists.  Take a look at the original works to have a truly meaningful art experience.

With the holiday fast approaching, I look around and notice that art is everywhere at Christmas….in the cooking, the pretty papers and ribbons, the homemade ornaments, the photos that are shared….perhaps because art like love comes from the heart.

We here at The Charmed Gourd want to send our very best wishes for an amazing, artful,  and love filled Christmas….. Connie

The Charmed Tin Girl

Here is a new tin girl for our Etsy shop.  We will be at a venue tomorrow so it is possible we may sell her there before she reaches Etsy.  She is pretty cute.  Since I posted the available gallery we have had 3 sales so I am going to move those to one of the other galleries.  Meanwhile, I will add this little cutie to our available gallery.  She is made from two faux gourds, two thimbles, various gears and bits of tin, brads, and an Altoid tin.  She’s a charmer!…..Connie

Fat Cats and Christmas

Here is a fat cat I made for our shop.  Creating a gourd starts with an idea and some creative license.   We always start with a gourd and work the design from there.  We apply some gesso either clear or white depending on whether we want the natural color to show through.  In this case, I just painted the gourd black then penciled in a face.  Amazingly you can see pencil on black.  After I finished adding the details to the face I painted the wooden base which is a banister cap.  I drilled a hole in the top of the wooden ball and attached the head with a long screw.  The hat and scarf were made from fabric scraps and the ears were created by folding  a silk flower petal in half and gluing it together.  The paint added the necessary stiffness to make them work as ears.  And here he is….Fat Cat Christmas!…..Connie