All You Need is Love

February is just around the corner and Love is in the air…..

For this project, all you need is Love……a little glitter, some pretty fabric, paint, and sisal.  Add  a few jewels and sit her on top of a heart shaped box.

Judy did all of the work on this cute little Queen.  I painted the face but it was her design concept and work.  The Valentine Queen is a little charmer.  She is new in our shop along with a few other new characters.



Think Spring and Fishing

Since I have been sick for nearly a month now, it really is no wonder that I am longing for Spring.  Yep, even though winter has really just begun, I am ready for it to be done.  There is another reason that I am anxious for Spring and that is so that my brother can fish.  For him fishing must be something like a prayer.  He seems to find peace and solace and the ability to forget about the problems of the world.  I do that with art.  Drawing and creating bring me joy.  I can do it in the winter but the creative juices just seem a little better with some sunshine.

So here is to Spring and fishing and most of all to my brother.