Everyone is Irish in March

March….the month when we all celebrate our Irish roots.  Even those of us who do not have any of the Blarney Stone or Emerald Isle in our genes like to celebrate this month.  So in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland and green haired ladies everywhere, here is the Shamrock Queen.  She was created using a foam pear which was gessoed, painted, and mounted on a table leg.  Lots of green paint and some glittering jewels helped turn her into royalty.  She is wearing a jaunty crown made of pewter which is part of a charm and carrying a staff which is topped with a Shamrock crest in honor of St Paddy’s Day.  Lots of fun to make and she is in our Etsy shop now.

Work in Progress

I have to own the fact that I have been a kind of slacker lately.  I like to blame it on not feeling well but perhaps I have just been lazy.  Anyway…I did start to work on some gourds again.  Finished up my Santa Cat at last and started work on a couple of new tin men.  Here are some work in progress shots.  The tin men should be in our Etsy shop next week.