Steampunk Turtles and other stuff

Steampunk is old science made new.  It’s retro and at the same time modern.  If you google Steampunk, you will find lots of different and really cool things….girls in helmets and goggles, lots of leather, lots of clock pieces, lots of gears, flying machines, hot air balloons, and creations that look like something out of an H.G. Wells novel.  The men often look like something out of “A Clockwork Orange” with their top hats and monocles.  We recently made a steampunk piggy which in turn inspired another creation….this time involving a turtle.  We took a toy turtle and painted it to look like leather and old copper.  We added a base made from part of a chair leg, lots of springs, and gears and gave him a cute hat.  Here he is, then….the Steampunk Turtle.

Other new pieces include these two pickle people….Carmen and Olive