Halloween art-a-thon Fun

13-julie 13-nosferatu bride-meets-metropolis-and-janelle-donaeDog-named-Boo-at-Halloween 13-mousie-halloweenpoe-is-a-messOnce a year at this special and spooky time all of the artsy ghouls, monsters, ghosties, and gremlins head over to IATCs to create some one of a kind fun art.  Everyone likes a good scare and a bit of the creepy stuff.  I worked on some Halloween art this weekend and took some time off from creating gourds. Artcards are little painting, drawings or collages.  They measure 3 and 1/2 inches by 2 and 1/2 inches.  It’s challenging getting an idea and detail into such a small space.  My painting skills were feeling a little rusty on the first day of the Halloween-a-thon but I think improved by day 3.  It’s just about over now but it was a lot of fun and I nabbed some great art in trade.  Here are some of the cards I made to trade with other artists.  To see more work by other fabulous artists click on the link at the bottom of this blog post.  You know you want to!…..Connie






This little guy is out of this world and a bit mad that his home planet has been downgraded from a planet.  What do you think….should Pluto be readmitted to the Solar System?  .alien-protesr3

The Process

Needed to make one Charmed Gourd…..(this one, anyway)…. One junkyard chair cut into pieces, sandpaper to remove the varnish and prepare the surface for paint, gesso, one foam pear, some scraps of leather for the ears and tongue, an old watch band for the collar, brads to add some bling, a dog tag, paint and brushes, scrapbook paper, modge podge, a block of wood, drill, hot glue gun, screws and an idea.  The hours required to complete the process depend on the complexity of the project.  The end project is then sprayed with a matte finish to protect it and it is ready to look for a new home.  This doggie and the Frankenstein were made from the back of a kitchen chair.  The curvy shape suggested a body and the idea grew from that.  Here he is, then….Skelly doggie.