Thanksgiving is the best holiday.  Not that I am a grinch…but Christmas is a bit stressful at times, especially for procrastinators like me.  Today there are no expectations…there is nothing to do but come together and share a meal and the company of our family and friends.  My sister Laurie always hosts because …well…she has the only house that really, truly fits everyone in comfortably.  She works incredibly hard to bring it all together.  Another reason I love Thanksgiving so much is that once every six years my birthday comes on Thanksgiving.  Today it is my Thanksgiving birthday and I am feeling a little special.  Maybe there will be a candle in the pumpkin pie!

We’ve started to work on Christmas gourds.  So it was tough….we had to switch up our thinking from slightly warped to slightly sweet.   I worked on a few things….Father Christmas, a snow Queen and these little guys.   Here is my version of Christmas elves using little foam pumpkins for heads.

A couple of Elves

A couple of Elves

Have a truly terrific Thanksgiving….love from Connie

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