Get Ready for 2013

I’m getting ready to ring in the New Year with absolutely no resolutions.  Resolutions only set you up for failure and self doubt.  Every artist that I have ever known has that in spades already.  Every artist that I have ever known believes their art just is not good enough….could be better….needs work….isn’t as good as so and so’s art.  So no resolutions.   I am just going to draw when I need to…or want to…or have to.   I’ll work on gourds and take photographs and do all the things I love to do.  Hopefully, I will be inspired to create something beautiful or funny or tragic or beautifully hideous.  Hopefully, my art will be just a little bit better this year.  But I won’t be mad at myself if isn’t.  I won’t be mad at all.

I hope this year is less worrisome and that we can avoid the fiscal cliff, get people working again, stop all of the crazy violence, escape the zombie apocalypse, and a bunch of other equally important stuff.

Since we have a snow storm today….here are some happy flowers to cheer you!  We at the Charmed Gourd would like to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year!   Got a wish for the New Year?   You can post it here in our comments section!     Connie




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