Gallery of Gourds

We’ve added a gallery of available gourds.  Some of these are available on Etsy but others are either Halloween inspired or in reserve for shows.  But that doesn’t mean they can’t be yours….because they certainly can.   If you see something that you are interested in just leave a message here or contact us through our Facebook page or Etsy.   Edgar is one of our available gourds. (correction: Edgar is no longer available) Connie



Monsters like Christmas too.

I really couldn’t do Christmas gourds without doing Frankenstein.  He is my go to guy when I can’t seem to do anything else.  I love the Monster and his beautiful Bride, too.  I’ve done tons of art which include them.  For Christmas, I just wanted to give him a hat and a scarf.  He is a pretty friendly monster who doesn’t ask for much…. maybe just a few spare parts now and then.  But don’t worry…the living are safe.  Here he is, then….the Monster…aka Frankensanta.             Connie   🙂


Making Gourd People

One of my favorite characters that I have created is the Queen of Hearts. She is based on the Tim Burton version of the Alice in Wonderland character. I knew I wanted to make her come to life as one of our gourd creatures. I drew the face on a foam pear and it started from there. I thought about the skirt and finally settled on a clay pot which I painted and decorated. Judy had the inspiration for using some red sisal she found at a garage sale for the hair. She also supplied the little portion of table leg that I used for the bodice of her dress and created the neck ruffle from scrapbook paper. I found a little seed and painted it gold thinking it would look great as a crown. So you can see it is very much a cooperative effort.   We love bouncing ideas off of each other.  Here she is…the finished version.  You can check out more of our gourd people in our photo gallery and in finished work.   This one is sold but we have a similar one in our etsy shop…..Connie